Hospital and Clinical Information System (HIS) software applications. MedicaPlus encompasses more than five hundred specialized modules that can be organized and grouped in many different configurations based on the hospital's requirements.

MedicaPlus is the first point-of-care system to manage patient records and outcome by provider product line: Cardiovascular, Chest, Abdomen, Dermatology, Dentistry, Orthopedics, etc...

MedicaPlus manages all enterprise resource-intensive patients through strategic automation of administrative and clinical records and outcomes at the point of care.

MedicaPlus is an integrated family of rich and granular clinical and administrative database products, focused upon medical specialties and disorder states. Thus, MedicaPlus understands healthcare from the perspective of the physician, the clinician and the patient. However, all related administrative and financial functions are taken into consideration in the background of the healthcare process.

By automating patient information management by clinical product or service line at the point of care, the medical center will enjoy a true hospital wide electronic medical record, plus an automated service charge posting to every patient's account. Your clinicians will enjoy point-of-care electronic access to the patient records, including diagnostic values, diagrams and images.

Your administrators will enjoy comprehensive cost/profit outcomes management, including the ability to price each component of each product line based on actual delivery costs.

MedicaPlus is an integrated component based, modern, object oriented, and revolutionary system.
It is composed of multiple applications that work together in harmony.

Middleware Application